We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat!

Join the first workshop with the Selsey Amateur Dramatics’ and recently appointed S.A.D. A.D.’s Andy Roberts and Naomi Stafford (you may recognise them from a certain tummy remedy ad on TV!) as we embark on the most ambitious production, not seen since Father Cooper’s unifished opus, Cats! As Dogs!: “JAWS: the stage play” (rights not secured) is a barely-copyright-infringing, Inflateable shark wearing, story about home, place, community, and coming together in the name of unknown horrors from the deep.


Housed in it’s own tent (a 4x4m graphic-wrapped gazebo), with intergrated sound and lighting, this 30 minute solo performance (played alternately by Andy Roberts or Natalie Green) invites the audience to enter the fictional realm of the inaugural workshop of the Selsey Amateur Dramatic (S.A.D.) group.Inside the tent they sit around a half-boat (bow) set and participate in activities that lead to key moments in the play’s narrative: making a show based on the movie “Jaws”.