Tiny Live Art

Part hobby, part archive, part reenactment, Tiny Live Art recreates performance works as miniature (HO scale) models.

Tiny Live Art is a practice-led research project with various iterations and incarnations. It has been a durational installation, a community/audience feedback model, a large scale commissioned artwork, and an ongoing hobby-project. 

Tiny Live Art is is about remediating, revering and re-enacting Live Art and Performance. Its practice and methodology draws from aspects of guerrilla/street art, installation and the hobbyist pursuits of model railway making, and airfix kit building. Taking inspiration from artists such as Slinkachu, Tanaka Tatsuya, Lisa Swerling, and Jimmy Cauty, Tiny Live Art uses miniature figures and dioramas to create 1:87 (“HO”) scale sculptures of seminal performance works.


By Robert Daniels

Exhibition History

Forest Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2013) Premiere/residency [Artwork], Exhibition

Stockton International Riverside Festival , Stockton on Tees (2015) Residency [Workshops and Artwork], Exhibition

Tate Modern (Bankside), London (2018) Guerrilla installation

Seven Tiny Easy Pieces”. TaPRA Conference exhibition. Aberystwyth University (2018)

“Twenty works for twenty years”. The Live Art Development Agency, Garrett Centre, London (2019) Commission [Artwork], Presentation, Exhibition 

Private Commissions (2018-present)

The critical foundations are primarily informed and underpinned by theories and practices reenacting, restaging, and reimagining Live Art and Performance (e.g. Abramovic: 2006, Heathfield & Jones: 2012, Schneider, 2011), remediation (Bolter and Grusin: 1988), and the making and sharing of memory (Bergson: 1911, et al).

Tiny Live Art was originally commissioned as a durational installation (Forest Fringe, 2013), then re-devised as a community/audience feedback model (S.I.R.F., 2015), and is currently developing as an ongoing hobby project, with guerrilla installations at Tate Modern, Bankside (2017), and The Live Art Development Agency (2018-19). More research and exchange events are planned in 2019. If you’re interested in commissioning this idea, get in touch.

A (free) pdf book about the book can be downloaded here: Tiny Live Art (book)

Remaining models are for sale at Unbound (https://www.thisisunbound.co.uk/collections/vendors?q=Robert%20Daniels)