Co-Artistic Director - James’ main interests are children’s and young people’s theatre, (en)durational art, and the relationship between travel and performance.Read More
Co-Artistic Director - Rob’s main interests are devised theatre, installations, and (“DIY”) collaborative participation projects.Read More
Co-Artistic Director - Andy’s main interests are in popular culture, film, interaction and participation, and making work for outdoor arts and non-traditional contexts.Read More

Associate Artists and Core Collaborators

Natalie Green, Daniel Kok, Sophia Walls, Naomi Stafford, Christina Poulton (Producer)


Advisory Board Members
Matt Burman, Joff Chafer, Jo Crowley, David Sheppeard

“Brownie points for Bootworks for bringing in new audiences to contemporary theatre!” 

– Total Theatre Magazine (Dorothy Max Prior)

Bootworks is James Peachey-Baker, Robert Daniels, and Andy Roberts. We make a wide range of work including devised performance, street theatre, live art, publications, and collaborative projects for young people.

We make work that engages audience in exciting and different ways, often using popular culture references to tackle social issues.

“A great, ingenious, joyful spree into being inside a film. Only theatre could do this!.” 

– Jude Kelly OBE

We are an ACE / locally subsidised Community Interest Company, and deliver between four to five creative projects per year, accessing varying audiences and sectors.

Bootworks have two award nominations and one win for innovation and experimentation, from Total Theatre, are supported internationally by the British Council, and are resident artists at the ShowRoom Theatre, Chichester