Sports Day

Immerse yourself in the spirited atmosphere of a classic British school sports day – designed especially for each Festival.

A theatrolympics, if you will. A Krypton Factor for festivalgoers young and old. A Squid Games for thespians, without the huge prize (or threat of death, obvs.)

Feel the rush of competition, the camaraderie of teams, and the joy of reliving cherished childhood memories (or painful, PE traumas). Join the fun in cheering for your favourites, or even participate in the games yourself.


Equipped with a whistle, stopwatch, clipboard, short shorts, and pocket book full of inspirational quotes (From Maya Angelou to Noel Edmunds), watch PE teacher Mr Richard Pocket as he coordinates the 3 house captains as they go head-to-head in a bid to find out which department gets its funding next academic year!

Exercise was good for them in the trenches, so it’s good for you. A bit of mud in that cut? We got a moist paper towel and an orange slice to deal with that. Suck it up and get your head back in the game. Quitters never win and winners never quit.

Sports Day promises an unforgettable blend of entertainment, audience engagement, and the timeless spirit of friendly competition. Get ready to experience the thrill of the outdoors (arts) like never before.

Structured around a typical school sports day led by chaotic and surreal characters, the performance and activities can run between 1-3 hours a day. Egg and Spoon Races, Water Sponge Relay, Fancy Dress Relay, Tug of War, Three-Legged Race, Sack Races, plus many more.

The performance is based around a central gazebo-marquee installation, inside which participants can register, get their team bib, and at the end of each event, collect participation medals. Each activity starts from the gazebo each time. All games and activity equipment is stored in the gazebo.

Audiences can register officially as participants for the duration, or jump in and out of activities. Every audience/participant who signs up for the day/activity will be given a bib, and participation medal. Participants will be put into school houses and their team’s score tally builds across the festival’s duration.

Black plimsolls. Short shorts and polyester skirts. Coloured Bibs. Green paper towels for injuries, and oranges at half time. If you don’t bring your PE kit, you can take some spare items from the lost property bin. If not, you can always play in your pants.

3 house captains (character performers) host the event and lead the games. They will compete in all competitions, so even in the rare occasion that audiences can’t (or won’t) join in, the show and games can progress. Their job (and aim!) is to recruit as many people as possible into the activities in a bid to win the trophy.

4 teacher-stewards set up each activity, and help coordinate the games. They keep score, arbitrate decisions, and dole out penalties. They also act as general stewards, keeping the games, players, and non-participating audiences safe and informed. An entire field can be used, though we can scale down and adjust to the available area and crowd. Each activity starts from the gazebo each time.

The performance will be bespoke to each Festival and will be fun for all ages.

Devised and Directed by Rob Daniels, James Peachey-Baker, and Andy Roberts

Dougie Evans – Music.
Llio Peachey-Baker – Costumes.
David Doust – Performer / Deviser.
Holly Spillar – Performer / Deviser.

(as well as a new group of performers from our Bootcamp Scheme)

Company: Bootworks Theatre
Project Title: Sports Day
Type: Outdoor Show / Participation / Static

Crew (On/Off Site)
4 x character performers (1 x PE teacher / 3 x house captains / games coordinators)
4 x stewards (Headteacher, History teacher, Dinner lady, and Head of PTA; these roles help manage crowd, space, and games)
1 x Stage/Technical Manager

Duration: Scaleable (available to book and run as 1, 2, or 3 hour activities)
Space/Site requirements: Scalable (ideally a grass field between 10-100 metres-squared)