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    The ShowRoom, University of Chichester, College Lane, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 6PE
    Our work is always driven by artistic curiosity; by a desire to explore new forms and through them to meet audiences in new ways. We make projects that are funny, strange, occasionally scary, frequently informed by stories and images from popular culture that are familiar to all of us. We have made shows inspired by everything from pop music videos, arthouse cinema, children’s books, astronaut training, and blockbuster movies. We place great importance in making sure our work is accessible. To us this means both making sure that people can physically access our work by presenting it in the broadest range of possible contexts and locations, and also ensuring the work speaks in a theatrical language that is welcoming and accessible; a language that is not just for the initiated. This has meant that over the last two decades our work has, by our estimate, been seen by over half a million people.