Talkshop (Podcast)

Talkshop is a podcast hosted by James. The first theme is Children’s Theatre.

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Devised, produced, and presented by James Peachey-Baker

Intro and outro music composed by Dougie Evans:

In the first series, James speaks with a number of children’s performance makers and producers about their work.

Episode guide:

​Tim Etchells Ep:06
James chats with artist and a writer Tim Etchells about Forced Entertainment’s That Night Follows Day.

Tim’s Website
Forced Entertainment’s Website

Sibylle Peters Ep:05
James chats with researcher and performance artist Sibylle Peters about time (and children’s relationship with it), playing vs reality, listening to children as equals, zombies, children as members of the public, live-art, children’s understanding of diversity, and destruction.

Links to things discussed include:

Playing Up Live Art
Kaputt: The Academy of Destruction
The Fundus Theater

Andy Field Ep:04
James chats with renowned artist, writer and curator Andy Field whose work LookOut invites audiences to imagine a future alongside a child – whilst gazing out upon a rooftop cityscape. They discuss the skill involved in chatting to kids, the future of the theatre phenomenon that is Forest Fringe and reminisce about a time that James climbed a ladder for an extremely long time in the name of art.

Link to Andy’s website:

Andy Field

Tony Reekie EP: 03
James chats with Independent Producer Tony Reekie about ‘how nobody gives a shit about children’s theatre’, ‘why they’re better at making it on the continent’ and how ‘bloody hard it is to be an Independent Producer’.

Fevered Sleep EP: 02
James chats with David Harradine & Sam Butler of Fevered Sleep about their work on Men & Girls Dance; a project which brings together two very different groups of performers: adult, male professional contemporary dancers, and girls who dance for fun.

Link to Fevered Sleep’s website:

Fevered Sleep

Ivor MacAskill EP: 01
James chats with Ivor MacAskill of Fish and Game about her work on Gendersaurus Rex; a project where Ivor explores the ideas of identity and gender in Children’s Performance.

Link to Ivor’s website:

Ivor MacAskill