DIY Too (2015)

A follow-up and continuation of the first book (DIY). Devised by Robert Daniels, and featuring contributions from some of the most prominent and prolific independent artists, critics and producers working in contemporary theatre and performance. Part book, part ‘Zine’, this book addresses a wide range of perspectives on “DIY” Art, and gives voice to a new generation of theatre and performance makers.  DIY and DIY Too both include contributions from some of the most prominent and prolific independent artists, critics and producers working within the discipline. The title – DIY – refers to a number of critical, creative and political ethos’. Particularly unique to a post-punk and UK-centric Live Art and new-theatre canon, both books have contributions from international artists, and cover a wide range of fields, practices and theories.

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Devised, curated, and edited by Rob Daniels

Designed by Roy Donaldson

Contributions from…Pablo Pakula and Daisy Orton (Accidental Collective) / Pippa Bailey / Simon Bowes / Daniel Bye / Karen Christopher / Helen Cole / Jon Lee And Georgina Sowerby (Dirty Market) / Lee Miller and Joanne ‘Bob’ Whalley (Fictional Dogshelf) / Emma Frankland And Keir Cooper / Sharon Smith (Gob Squad) / Donald Hutera / Mamoru Iriguchi / Dan Koop / Dougie Evans, Abi Mortimer and Carrie Whittaker (Lila Dance) / Caroline Locke / Hannah Jones and Rachel Dobbs (LOW PROFILE) / Rachel Mars / Harun Morrison / Hannah Nicklin / Joseph O’Farrell / Nic Rawling (Paper Cinema) / Sarah Ruff (Patternfight) / Keiran Burke, Emma Crandon and Jack Rowland (Plastic Castles) / Louise Mothersole And Rebecca Biscuit (Sh!T Theatre) / Josh George Smith, James Dunnell Smith and John Woodburn (Sleeping Trees) / Sammy Metcalfe (Sleepwalk Collective) / Tassos Stevens / Shamira Turner (Little Bulb Theatre) / Paul Clarke (Uninvited Guests) / Hannah Jane Walker / Melanie Wilson / Greg Wohead / Caroline Wright and Helen Paris.

If you’re interested, you can read books 1 and 2 for free over at our ISSUU page (linked below). DIY (book 1) was nominated for The Society for Theatre Research’s Theatre Book Prize Entries 2014, and there’s a write-up by Lyn Gardner about the project on The Guardian Website. There’s also a blog post by Robert about the project on the Live Art Development Agency’s website.

So far, DIY books 1 and 2 are available to buy from Unbound, CPR Books, The National Theatre Bookshop, Waterstones, Amazon … or direct from us!

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