30 Days to Edinburgh

This performance involved three friends costumed as a ‘disco dancer’, a ‘spaceman’ and a ‘cowboy’ respectively; traveling from their home in Chichester to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. An artistic pilgrimage and experiment in collaboration: in living, writing and devising.

The show can be best described and contextualised as a piece of “DIY performance” in form, and content. There was also an installation at the venue during the journey. It described the action, and offered ways in which the ‘audience’ could interact, participate and engage with the show, journey and performers. There was a map (built from Lego) that logged the three characters along the route, a telephone to call or text us with, and note cards to document the interaction and respond or comment to/upon the idea.

This piece began as an exploration of performance qualities already inherent in the work of Bootworks Theatre; task-based performance, repetition, systematic physical scores and a simplistic but affecting visual vocabulary.