A new project, directed by James Peachey-Baker. NINE is a performance for nine-year-old performers. The show tracks the histories and futures of the children; 9 years remembered, 9 years imagined – from birth to their 18th birthday.

It’s also a show where children answer important questions about the world now.

Every time the show takes place, it’s performed by new children. It is therefore slightly different each night; using the experiences, opinions, thoughts and stories of the new performers to make the show anew. NINE is designed to champion how surprising, engaging, thoughtful, insightful, radical and useful children can be – when given the opportunity.


Directed by James Peachey-Baker, with Rob Daniels and Andy Roberts

Devised and written by Bootworks, with different groups of children

Performed by a new cast each performance

Phase 1 was supported by…

Arts Council England, HOME Slough, Hawkwood Hall, Stratford Circus Arts Centre, The ShowRoom, Chichester, Ideas Test, The Point, Eastlight and Strike A Light.

Phase 2 was supported by… and developed in partnership with…

Strike A Light / GL4 Festival and Attenborough Centre, Leicester. 

Phase 3 was supported by… and developed in partnership with…

Arts Council England, Strike A Light / GL4 Festival and Attenborough Centre, Leicester. 


The project developed over 4 years with various partners. Bootworks undertook a number residencies with different groups of children across the UK to help develop ideas and content for a full-scale international touring production.

For the first phase of R&D we worked with Ideas Test (Sittingbourne), The Point (Eastleigh), and Stratford Circus (London) who offered in-kind rehearsal space and access to their associated youth groups.

In Phase 2 (Summer 2021) we continued to develop the work alongside Attenborough Arts Centre (Leicester) and Strike A Light / GL4 (Gloucester).

We returned to ACCA Leicester and Strike a Light / GL4 Gloucester in August 2022 and premiered the show and project.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this project, and/or want to participate or support us, get in touch!